Terms & Conditions

B-Tel Broadband T&C mentioned here consists of General Terms & conditions ("GTC") & Product Terms and Conditions ("PTC") along with "Acceptable Use Policy". The signing of Subscriber Registration Form (SRF) shall make the T&C mentioned herein binding on the subscriber. In case of any inconsistencies in the constituent parts of the Agreement or disputes arising with regard to the interpretation of the terms and conditions contained in the said Agreement, the following order of precedence shall apply: the SRF and the PTC the SLA, if applicable and the GTC General Terms and Conditions ("GTC")

  •     Installation, Activation & Package Charges are to be paid in advance.
  •     Installation & Activation Charges are non refundable.
  •     LAN Card cost is not included in installation amount.
  •     Service Taxes will be charged extra GST @ 18%.
  •     All Package are valid for 30 days.
  •     Customers are requested to renew to their packages within expiry or almost within 23.00 hours after expiry to carry forward their Data.
  •     Customers can renew the Unlimited Packages any time within expiry date, in that case the remaining days will be added in the next renewal.
  •     Customers can renew the Limited Packages any time within expiry date, in that case the remaining data will be added in the next renewal. But the Package will be valid for next 30 days from the Renewal Date.
  •     Any kind of carry forward facilities will not be available for changing of existing packages.
  •     Customers can avail upto mentioned bandwidth for respective packages.
  •     The above packages are valid for mention telecom circle only.